Trouble on Planet Earth, Paperback

Trouble on Planet Earth, Paperback

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SOMEONE OR SOMETHING IS DRAINING EARTH?S OIL RESERVES. CAN YOU CRACK THE CASE IN TIME? Everyone knows that Earth has limited oil reserves. How can they go missing overnight? Is it an evil multi-national corporation? A rogue element in the government? Some crazy scientist? When the trail takes you into outer space, you are terrified for the first time in your life. A mysterious galaxy beyond the Milky Way seems to be siphoning Earth's oil using laser straws. The world's economy and life as you know it will crash to a halt, unless you can stop them You followed three men to a small house. You enter a narrow passageway to a green staircase. Your heart is racing. Just as you are about to climb the stairs, the upstairs door opens. You flatten yourself against the wall in the shadow of the stairs. Maybe they won't see you The three men come down the stairs talking in low voices, but soon disappear. If you follow the men, turn to page 111. YOU choose what happens next

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