Mrs. Mole, I'm Home!, Hardcover

Mrs. Mole, I'm Home!, Hardcover

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From the creator of Alan's Big, Scary Teeth comes a laugh-out-loud story starring a mole who has lost both his glasses and his sense of direction. Poor Morris Mole has had a very long day, and all he wants is to get home to Mrs. Mole and their children. But Morris has misplaced his glasses He starts burrowing his way home anyway, trusting in his memory to guide him. When Morris gets there he calls out, ``Mrs. Mole, I'm hooome `` but he doesn't exactly get the response he expected. ``I'm not your wife `` says Mrs. Bunny. Oh, dear So Morris sets off again in the direction of home. He'll end up in the right spot eventually . . . won't he? Young readers will be rooting for Morris and giggling at every wrong turn -- while taking comfort in the fact that, sooner or later, you'll always find your way home.

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