Latin American Art Since 1900 | Edward Lucie-Smith

Latin American Art Since 1900 | Edward Lucie-Smith

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Ne pare rau, acest produs nu mai face parte din oferta
Ne pare rau, acest produs nu mai face parte din oferta
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In this classic survey, now updated and with full-colour images throughout, Edward Lucie-Smith introduces the art of Latin America from 1900 to the present day. He discusses in detail major figures such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, as well as dozens of less well-known artists. Those who spent their lives in exile, and artists from Europe and the US who lived in South America, such as Leonora Carrington, are all included in this broad, comprehensive view. The artists featured here have sought for indigenous roots and a local tradition; explored abstraction, expressionism and new media (video, installation, performance); entered dialogue with European and North American movements, while insisting on reaching a wide popular audience for their work; and created an energetic, innovative and very varied art scene across the continent today. A new chapter extends the discussion into the twenty-first century, summarizing key trends and most notable figures of the last two decades. A constant theme is the embrace of the experimental and the new by artists across Latin America.Table of Contents1. Forerunners and Independents 2. The First Modern Movements 3. Mexican Muralism 4. Muralism Beyond Mexico 5. The Exiles 6. Mexico: Four Women and One Man 7. A Climate of Change 8. Geometric Abstraction 9. Informal Abstraction 10. Expressionist Tendencies 11. Realism, Pop Art and Surrealism 12. Moving Towards the Present 13. Latin American Art Now

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